Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet Melissa Sundays: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

This week's SMS was chosen by Megan from My Baking Adventures - Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies. I really wanted to make these cookies because first off, I love chocolate chocolate chip cookies. I made them once for a district board meeting and I just couldnt stop eating them. So, when I saw the cherries, I thought well I know that my parents have cranberries at home so I subbed out cherries for cranberries. I knew that my parents may not like the cranberries so I made half with and half without, satisfying everyone.

I also decided to cut mine up in half-in ones instead on 1 in blocks. They didn't flatten as much, but they are very cute cookies.

This is my last weekend in Socal, but next weekend equals moving back up to Berkeley for summer school which means more baking. Maybe I can make up some of the SMS recipes already made or get started on making some of the things on the 5 page long list of things that interested me on other sites.

Taken last night after baking, so the lighting isnt so good.
In the morning, I took more when the light was better.

With Dried Cranberries
Without Dried Cranberries
<3 Nina


  1. great job! this was a great recipe, wasn't it?!

  2. Great job on the cookies. They look pretty tasty. Good luck on the move, too.

  3. Your cookies look great, we really enjoyed these as well!

  4. Yummie lil' cookies! I bet the cranberries complimented the cocoa.


  5. Your cookies look wonderful! YUM.


Thanks for your comments!
<3 Nina

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