Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hershey's Brownies

So, I decided to bake for my brother's Cake Walk. Apparently the Cake Walk is some sort of musical chairs type game where you walk around and you get to a number and you can get a prize if you standing/sitting on a certain number that they call out after you already have sat down or something like that. Well, they were advertising on the newsletter on how they need people to bake cakes/cupcakes/brownies/cookies for them. After seeing that, immediately I thought that I would bake cupcakes since that's what I love to do. Thinking through a bit more, I realized that I would need to cover them because they need to go the school Friday morning, I though, cupcakes aren't the BEST idea.
So browsing through some of my favorite brownie recipes, I found that I needed some things that aren't that ridiculous, but I knew my mom would find it quite useless other than for me baking so I decided to skip those. I finally found one that only used cocoa powder. Being a big fan of chocolate, I also decided to add in a whole layer of chocolate chips. I can never have enough chocolate and there's no reason for me to have what I want.
I had found this on one of the blogs that always has great recipes. It's a great simple Hershey's Brownie recipe. I loved it. It was quite simple to make as well.


The whole thing.
trying a different perspective...
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  1. Hershey's Brownies........ sounds so decadent!

  2. I loved cake walks as a kid! Someone told me that now they tend to do books instead of cakes...healthier, I guess.

    These look yummy! I love dark chocolate, too.


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