Friday, February 27, 2009

Late Nights and Carrot Cake

Baking for Darrell was fun but also tiring. Grating all those carrots was fun, but then again, ACK, I think I'll put it through the food processor next time.

I thought peeled mini carrots would be easier, but it was totally not. Oh well =)
Ingredients, including the grated carrots.
I realized, I always get twin eggs when I'm baking.
I dont think that looks especially appetizing, but that's the batter...
After being baked and tops cut off...
You may be wondering why the tops are cut off, and that's cuz I wanted to make it easier on myself, and make them look all pretty and its easier with cut off tops. maybe next time i'll estimate better on the AMOUNT that the batter rises...

The next are the couple that I like show off my bettering piping skills =)
Yay arent they so pretty?

Then I sent them over to Darrell, and talked for a while, then another hour in front of my place with Matt. I could not fall asleep for the longest time but whatever, its the weekend soon so I'll sleep then.
Yay prettiness, but no more blogging until I get back. I'm so excited =)


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birthday Baking

So yeah. Its been a long ass day. Started with some homework and decorating, ending with more homework and tiredness.
So here's pictures (like I promised Jeff)
Here's Birthday presents, in alphabetical order, Cary then Margaret.

Chopped up cherries
Whole Cherries, for decorating purposes...
All filled up =)
All of them
Tried to get Red, but ended up a very pink frosting....
YAY all done =)
I hope you liked your birthday present Cary =)

AND now onto Miss Margaret's =)
Ingredients, with Twix, which I forgot about OOPS
Here they are =)
All mixed up!
Filled up with twix on top
My test one came out ugly, so I decided to cover it all with batter...
All Done.
All decorated and frosted.
ALL of them.
LOOK at all those Twix I used...(theres more than that)


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finally done...

AH, the Music and Arts Fair...MORE BAKING, MORE KIDS, MORE HASSLE.
Even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake, its when its baking that needs to get done by a certain time, a certain day, that always bothers me. But I enjoyed it. 3 cake boxes and 3 hours later, I was finally done. Bajillion and one cupcakes =)

Then the festival actually started which was pretty fun. Lots of kids coming by and decorating cupcakes, and I was decorating as well. There were many Circle K'ers that decided to join in on the fun. I decided to brush up on some of my piping skills while teaching the kids how to decorate...or more like monitoring them decorating...

My first pretty cupcake. N is for Nina =)
Piping detail yay!
Helen and I did these. =)

Margie's Prezzie
Cary's Prezzie
Darrell's Prezzie


Friday, February 20, 2009

Ace of Cakes

YAY! Today was fun stuffs.

All these pictures are by Dmitiry! =)
Buffet Bar
More cakes

Anyways, I got home and I baked for a while... and brought home a cake =).
The Cake that I brought home with me...Thank you Andrea and Team Hep B.
So I started baking yay!
Ingredients. Not that much I know. It is boxed cake afterall...
Apparently one of my eggs were twins =). But they died =(
Some of them turned out good...
and others...


Thursday, February 19, 2009


So, today. Today was busy busy busy busy. First I started out today by starting on my mini cheesecakes.
Ingredients were not too bad. Just sugar, cream cheese, vanilla wafers, and eggs. The recipe is one that I have modified from something else, but its pretty good =). Be in awe of the process.

Just some crushed vanilla wafers in the bottom.
Add the wet ingredients, and into the oven they go!
YAY all done!

But today involved a lot more than just mini cheesecakes. I also went to the internship fair. Damn those people, only offering them to juniors, there like maybe 2 that were open for sophomores maybe. =( Maybe I'll just get a job. We'll see.

Then well, being kinda bored, and kinda wanting to use up some of my oats, I made oatmeal cranberry cookies. YUMM!
Be in awe again =).
Ingredients...a lot more than last time.
Mixed together!
Chilled and rolled into ball so they are ready to be baked!
All the cookies in a row, ready to be packaged, and eaten...
Artsy photo with cookies!


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