Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sugar Cookie Bar

Oh, this recipe was both easy to make and really good.
So, my little choir kids are graduating - they just grow up so fast. It makes me realize that I'm getting older and therefore have to take on more responsibilities and learn how to be an adult. We had a long conversation at night talking about how our parents treated us. If you were to think that your parents were strict because they gave you a curfew and didn't let you drink and do drugs, think again. Asian parents are even worse. None of that stuff, and you weren't allowed to go ever. Anyways, back to the story about these, I dropped them off, and I'm sure they all like it. When I went "backstage" after the concert, half of it was gone. I'm sure most of them were just eating it =]

The bar itself came out to be a little bit undercooked. The middle of the sheet was still like cookie dough, but then again, who DOESNT like cookie dough. I also used canned frosting because first off, I was running a little late and second off, I'm a lot lazy. I know I'm normally totally against canned frosting, but seriously, I had no time, and I didn't want to clean up afterwards, the kitchen back at home is smaller than the one at school so I didn't want to clean.

I had bought the funfetti kind so that's the sprinkles, and decided to dress it up a little bit by putting the crystals on it.

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