Monday, June 15, 2009

Broken Glass Jello

Ever since I saw the Food Librarian's post on Broken Glass Jello, I knew that eventually, I would need to make it. I had made Jello Shot cupcakes that were inspired by these, but alas, I had no unflavored gelatin so I was not able to make it again. Friday night, while on the phone with Brent, he told me that he was sad that I had not made anything for him yet. Realizing that this was the fact, I knew that I needed to make something for him. He said that he didn't like cupcakes - BLASPHEMY - so I needed to think outside of the box. So I looked through this list that I had made about all the things that I wanted to make at least once in my baking career, and I saw it, Broken Glass Jello. He loves Jello so why not make this? It's creative and thinking back now, I might have wanted to do the Lakers Broken Glass Jello, but oh well, I'll make it up to him with USC Jello during football season.

I hope he likes them!

Although I did end up buy cherry, lemon, orange and lime jello, none of which are his favorite, at least they're in his top ten, right? I tried my best, I needed some color and there was no way I was going to do black cherry, cherry, and strawberry together.

After refridgerating them over night, the jello was set, but it was really hard to get out of the tupperware, maybe next time I'll get real jello and not the store brand instead. Regardless, I somehow got most of the jello out in square-looking blocks, and put them into the 9x13 pan. Mixed up the condensed milk and unflavored gelatin mixture and put it back into the fridge. I tried to cool the mixture down, but being lazy, just poured it in.

I turned out pretty well and it tasted really good. I ended up only bringing him a couple of pieces, but I'll figure out a way to get him to eat the rest of them...probably give them to him in piles, every single time I see him.

kind of blurry but that's okay. it has all the color jello in it!all of them - brownies, cookies and jello - on one dish for Brent.

Congrats to finishing your second year =].
<3 Nina


  1. USC jello??? That's BRILLIANT! I'm going to have to steal that idea for my fiance...

  2. haha. Well he wouldnt eat Cal colors - which are my colors. haha.


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