Thursday, January 1, 2009

About Me

I figured that most people don't know too much about me so I'll write a whole post about me, the person behind this bog.

I am Nina - you probably could have figured that out from the title of my blog.

I bake for quite a few reasons.
First, I bake because I like a challenge. Sure, baking is following the directions, but making it look nice is not always the easiest. Sometimes the baking part is the hardest!
Second, I bake because I know my friends enjoy the desserts that I make. I know that it's not always the best way to make friends, but I've always had self-esteem issues so baking is a great way to do something that I love and bring happiness to those around me. It's a great starter topic between people.
Third, I bake because it's a huge destresser. When I'm in the middle of busy season, I have the urge to bake a lot because I know that baking will turn out in the way it is supposed to if I just follow the directions. Tests aren't always like that. I may study my butt off, but still end up with a bad grade.
Fourth, well I just love it!

My life consists of living in San Francisco.
Ever since moving here from Berkeley, I've realized the beauty of the city, but also the suburbs. I enjoyed having a car back at home, but here, I take public transportation easily. I currently work for a Big Four firm and really enjoy my job. The hours are long, but there are perks! In addition, my boyfriend work at a hospital, so I tend to give him my treats to give to his coworkers. My coworkers are too worried about their weight and looks since all we do is sit all day and look at numbers. I know, glamorous!

If you have any other questions about me, feel free to email me or leave a comment! I'll get back to you as soon as I can [which is probably in a couple of hours because I'm almost always online]!


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