Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sweet Potato Cupcakes [msc]

These cupcakes are super late, SO SORRY!
WOW, this month has just been busy busy.

First, there was FTC also known as Fall Training Conference. I was the organizer of the event, so it was pretty busy before that event as well. 500 people in the middle of nowhere. Pretty much.

And they even made me an apron with everyone's [well not EVERYONE] signatures. I was so sweet of them.

The weekend after, I was down in San Diego for a masquerade ball.
Extraordinary Desserts
The Beach!
The boat with my best friend Jon
On the boat with Josh, Karen, and Dmitriy!

So finally this weekend, I got to making these cupcakes. I had gone to a Kiwanis Family Thanksgiving dinner. Such good food. Turkey, stuffing, mac 'n cheese, just good food.

I brought the sweet potato cupcakes to that dinner and they were a huge hit...except for the fact everyone was super full from the dinner!


The recipe for this month's Cupcake Club is found on pages 243 of Martha Stewart's Cupcake book. Thanks to Karen of Karen's Cookies, Cakes & More for choosing this.


  1. Looks like great food and good times with friends!

  2. Glad you liked the cupcakes! I thought these were delicious too.

  3. Thanks for baking along with me! Your cupcakes look fabulous!


Thanks for your comments!
<3 Nina

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