Sunday, November 8, 2009

No SMS this week [sms]

Sorry guys, no SMS from me this week. I'll probably make these muffins this next week, but I just havent had the time.

I was baking 500 cookies, and then I had burned myself.

In addition, my super stressing event has finally come to be! I'll post pictures next week. But yes, it's all done, but this last week was espeically bad because of the random switches and the random stuff that needed to get done. It's quite stressful, but I've learned quite a lot from this.

I basically just woke up and got back from it all, so I had absolutely not TIME to bake. I'll probably make it sometime this week though!

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  1. I miss seeing your sweet face on my blog, but I understand your busy! I hope to see all of your creations soon.
    Take care.


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