Sunday, July 12, 2009

Apple Dapple Cake


Finally making something that is not for db or sms. This Apple Dapple Cake is from Lovin' From the Oven. I actually really enjoy reading her blog. She seems like a really nice person and loves to bake!

I noticed that I've been baking a lot. Summer service meetings, going away parties, now today's cake was for Campbell's Relay for Life. Being a part of Circle K does not mean that I just volunteer for just the Berkeley area, but as an organization, there are clubs worldwide. This event was put on by one of our fellow clubs, Mission College.

I decided to go for two reasons. One, I havent been to a service project since May and therefore have very little hours and feel like that I should be doing service and not just going to the fun stuff. Two, I'm on district board. I'm supposed to be at events that other clubs put on to show unity in the district.

I knew that I wanted to make something special and something that I havent made before since my goal was to dash off 10 things on my want to bake list on my computer and why not start now.

The only difference in the cake that I had made a bit more diced apples and I also added a bit more cinnamon. I don't think it took anything away from the cake. I actually liked the very pronounced cinnamon taste.

I baked the cake yesterday since I was going to Relay for Life through the night until about 10am. Relay for life was pretty awe inspiring and amazing. I stayed up the whole night and just hung out with some of my friends. It was just really nice to talk with people and sit by the heater.

Some pictures were taken at 4am when we decided to finally start eating the cake, so the quality of the pictures may be a bit off.






  1. Good for you! The Relay for Life is an important event and you brought the apple cake...which looks totally delicious!

  2. That picture with the ice cream on top is a little bit torturous since I can't eat any right now!! :) Looks great!

  3. I could just dive into your picture and eat all that Apple Dapple up! Nice!!! We did the Relay for life 2 weekends ago. It's such a great event!


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