Saturday, May 23, 2009

Foothill Banquet Cupcakes

They are just simple one bowl chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes. They were topped with an espresso whipped cream. It was really fun to make. This has got to be the biggest project so far. I mean everyone loves cupcakes in my divison so this only shows how good of a baker I am. If that seems a little conceited, it might just be. I had basically 2 day notice to make 60 cupcakes. I mean its not that bad, but add in the fact that I had made tiramisu cupcakes the day before.
So I decided that night after the big dinner with everyone, I had started on these cupcakes. Alex and Macky were at my place again and well, didn't help, but we did watch a marathon on Jon & Kate plus Eight.

Since this was for a banquet for a friend, I decided to decorate it relating to the banquet itself and Ali, the president of the club that was celebrating. YAY for more pictures now!

Congrats to Foothill CKI!
so who does Ali love?
Sorry for the blurriness, I guess I just cant stay still.

<3 Nina


  1. wow I scrolled down the page and saw endless amounts of cupcakes!!! I tried to lick the screen but all I got was a dusty plastic like taste =S


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<3 Nina

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