Monday, December 7, 2009

Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies


This month, I have decided to participate in Secret Baker again. The first cookie that I had made was this chocolate gingerbread cookie out of Martha Stewart's cookie cookbook.

I had to sub out the fresh ginger for ground ginger because I had none left, but it still tasted very much like a gingerbread cookie. BUT with chocolate.


It definitely was a delicate balance between the two - ginger and chocolate do not seem like a great combination, but in actuality, they seem like a pretty good combo for a cookie.

They definitely did not spread as much as the ones in the book looked like they did, but then again, I think I made my cookies smaller than the ones in the book.



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  1. Nina!! You made my day with these cookies - not to mention their delicious counterparts, Banana Chocolate Chip cookies, and the adorable tins they came in. They were so good and addictive, I had to share them with others before I ate the entire tin in one day. I got back from a 7 mile run to find them on my doorstep AND it's finals week. So they couldn't have been more perfectly timed. Thank you!!


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