Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finally done...

AH, the Music and Arts Fair...MORE BAKING, MORE KIDS, MORE HASSLE.
Even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake, its when its baking that needs to get done by a certain time, a certain day, that always bothers me. But I enjoyed it. 3 cake boxes and 3 hours later, I was finally done. Bajillion and one cupcakes =)

Then the festival actually started which was pretty fun. Lots of kids coming by and decorating cupcakes, and I was decorating as well. There were many Circle K'ers that decided to join in on the fun. I decided to brush up on some of my piping skills while teaching the kids how to decorate...or more like monitoring them decorating...

My first pretty cupcake. N is for Nina =)
Piping detail yay!
Helen and I did these. =)

Margie's Prezzie
Cary's Prezzie
Darrell's Prezzie


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  1. Wow you blog a lot! I never noticed cuz it doesn't show up on my blog feed. You also bake a lot! I love all of the blogs!


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