Thursday, February 19, 2009


So, today. Today was busy busy busy busy. First I started out today by starting on my mini cheesecakes.
Ingredients were not too bad. Just sugar, cream cheese, vanilla wafers, and eggs. The recipe is one that I have modified from something else, but its pretty good =). Be in awe of the process.

Just some crushed vanilla wafers in the bottom.
Add the wet ingredients, and into the oven they go!
YAY all done!

But today involved a lot more than just mini cheesecakes. I also went to the internship fair. Damn those people, only offering them to juniors, there like maybe 2 that were open for sophomores maybe. =( Maybe I'll just get a job. We'll see.

Then well, being kinda bored, and kinda wanting to use up some of my oats, I made oatmeal cranberry cookies. YUMM!
Be in awe again =).
Ingredients...a lot more than last time.
Mixed together!
Chilled and rolled into ball so they are ready to be baked!
All the cookies in a row, ready to be packaged, and eaten...
Artsy photo with cookies!


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