Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Years Resolution Update!

My New Years Resolutions:
- Bake more often, and with that, post more often. Hopefully it'll be once every two days or so.
This has been happening on somewhat a good level. Since I decided to bake those 21 items for my boyfriend, I have material until about Valentines Day, but after that, I still various other things to bake.
- Eat as healthy as possible. More vegetables and less sweets!
This one has been a little harder, but I have been trying to cut my bigger meals in half as to eat less and what not. I'm trying with the more vegetables, but I've just been super busy and not able to go shopping.
- Job searching! Hopefully either I'll find a job or an internship for this summer.
Internship interview with D&T! Also I've been looking on Craigslist, so I must start apply for those!
- Sleep by 1, up by 8!
This one is super hard, but I'm trying my best to sleep by 1 or 2 and up by 9.
- Pictures, pictures, pictures! Document my everyday life for me and everyone around me.
This one is even harder. I hate bringing my camera around so this hasnt really been happening, but I have been documenting my life through twitter and facebook.
- Be nicer. I know that I have an attitude sometimes, and I will try to tone that down.
I've trying to be a lot nicer and I think it's working. I try not have an opinion and be me, but still nicer!
- Relationships. Friendships. Build those.
I think it's always hard to build these being super busy and all over the place, but I'll try to this weekend!
- Thank the little things in life.
I am definitely thankful for everything my parents do for me. Monetarily, they provide for everything for me. I can go to school and bake with freedom and not having to be worried about money. I am thankful for that. I am thankful that I go to Cal - one of the best schools in the world. I am provided with world-class knowledge. In addition, I'm thankful for my boyfriend and all his love. I think I would have a lot less self-esteem and not be as confident in myself.

In addition to these, I'm adding GO TO THE GYM! I've been pretty good at going to gym at least once or twice a week these past 2 weeks since I got to school, so I want to keep it going even as school gets more intense...

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