Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Caramel Apple Turnover [sms rewind]

I made these recently because I had many more apples than I know what to do with. You will see many more apple recipes soon.

Anyways, this SMS recipe was from ages ago - before I had join the group.

These turnovers were one of the things I had been eyeing since I do enjoy a good turnover. What happened to these turnovers, I have no idea.

First - as I was making the caramel apples - it just didnt turn out caramel-y. It had been okay and I went to do something else, and when I came back like a minute later, they were too far gone. I was lazy, and I just kept them be. They were really sugarly, but it was still good.

Second, for some reason, the puff pastry hates me too. I had left it out to defrost a little since it was too hard to undo without it defrosting a little. I had fallen asleep and so when I got back up, it was too doughy for me to work me. Then back into the freezer it went, but it still wouldnt separate. *sigh* It was just not my recipe I suppose.

Regardless. I had made the turnovers as best I could. The triangles didn't all work out, so I made them into eggroll shaped and some of them opened up and looked like hotdogs.


With the extra ricotta cheese and eggs, I decided to do something different. I had made a sweet omelette. It was quite interesting. I think the sugar and the eggs worked out pretty well together. It's something that I would definitely try again when I have extra sugar and eggs.


Recipe found here!


  1. Looks soft & tasty! Keep the apple recipes coming...fall is around the corner =)

  2. These were delish when I made them but the puff pastry can be a little tricky to work with.

  3. I hate puff pastry too! Try, try again! They do look good.

    You've been tagged (by me):

  4. How funny, this was not my recipe either, and you would think with frozen puffed pastry it would be simple! The sweet omelette sounds yummy, though.


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