Friday, July 1, 2011

NY Style Crumb Cake [Club Baked]

So I know that this is a bit late, but I've been busy moving, travelling and having too much fun!

This cake itself was pretty easy to make and super delicious! I really enjoyed putting these together. I gave one to my friend who came by and visited me in San Francisco, kept one for myself, and gave the rest to my boyfriend who was meeting his grandparents in Vegas. Apparently it's their anniversary!

As I mentioned travelling, I ate so much great food. Here's pictures of some of them!

So much good food in Asia, I really wish that I could bring back the tastes for you guys!


  1. I wish you could have bought back some of that food from Asia too as it looks amazing. Loved the cupcake...looks perfectly delicious.

  2. Your crumb cake muffin looks great. I would love one for breakfast right about now! Too bad all my cake is gone. Nice food photos. Looks like you ate well!

  3. Keeping only one for yourself - I give you props. I totally would have hoarded at least 3. This cake was so good. Your travel photos look yummy too!

  4. Your travel foods look delicious. Muffins, too! What a nice treat for your boyfriend.

  5. Great food photos! Thanks for joining again and for baking along with me!

  6. I bet your boyfriend appreciated them! Your muffins look great!

    Wonderful foodie travel photos too :)


Thanks for your comments!
<3 Nina

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