Friday, August 13, 2010

Pomegranate Cupcake with Lime Frosting



I know that I've posted about Dmitriy before; I must have. He's one of my closest guy friends and I just really enjoy being around him. He really makes me sane sometimes when I'm going insane and he's a great friend that I've made at Cal.

Today is his 21st birthday. I was going to make him alcoholic cupcakes, but thought that making a cupcake with alcohol isn't too hard, but making a cupcake for a friend with one of his favorite fruits is harder. Pomegranates are not only not in season, they're kinda too strong for me.

I made a simple white chocolate pomegranate cupcake that I found and then added a little bit of pomegranate juice boiled with a bit of sugar mixture to put into the middle. Also, I topped it with a bit of lime frosting because I've seen so many commercials from Dove that have the two together.


It was simple, delicious and I know he really enjoyed it. Enjoy your 21st and have some fun. I'm super sad that I can't be there, but I know that you'll enjoy it loads!


ps. sorry for the really mess background. I was at my desk, rushing because I had to leave in a couple of minutes to come back home.

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